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 Valour Fighter

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PostSubject: Valour Fighter    Sun Jul 22, 2012 4:21 am

Full Name: Kukaku Delaine
(his last name means “descendent of the challenger”, which Celtic/Gaelic in origin)
Nickname: Ku, Ku-chan, Brat (via his mother), Nii-chan (via his sister)
True Name: Valour
Unit Position: Fighter
Partner's Name: Currently doesn't have one but did in the past.
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Birth Date: May 6
Occupation: Construction Manager
Dreams/Life Goals: To enjoy life and live it without regrets; and if possible to meet his paternal grandparents

Hair: Brown
Ears and Tail: Brown like his hair but with a few random white spots.
Eyes: Dark Honey Brown
Height: 6 feet
Weight: 210 lbs
Build: Has muscle definition but is still somewhat on the slender looking side
Physical Faults: a scar on his left thigh from a bicycle accident
Name location: directly over his heart

Kukaku is not what most people would call a supermodel but he has gotten his fair share of the lovely ladies (and gentlemen). Not that he’s a skirt chaser or anything but he is a bit of a flirt. He loves making people smile and making them happy. He’s really what you would call an all around nice guy. He is a lot stronger physically than most would believe given his thin frame and he loves to use this advantage when possible. He and brother are physically identical so people mistake them for each other a lot. If you were to put them both side by side, not many people could tell them apart. You would have to know at least one of the twins pretty well in order to do so. Even so, their family are the only people who can tell one hundred percent of the time. His ears and tail are brown like his hair except for a few spots of white randomly placed on them. Kukaku is rather fond of his ears and tail and is intending to give them only to a very special person (said special person used to his former Unit partner but now he is just waiting on someone special.) because of that fondness.

As stated earlier, Kukaku is a bit of flirt but he’s a nice guy that will stop if a girl, (or boy, he’s a sucker for pretty eyes) isn’t interested or in a relationship. He is firm believer in the sanctity of relationships even though he is not in one himself. He is a sentimental kind of guy who keeps a lot of little nick-knacks and mementos from people he cares about. He has a really strong protective streak when it comes to his family especially his sister and this also extends to people he cares about. He is extremely protective of her and will not tolerate anyone causing her pain. This conflicts horribly with the fact that they both belong to Unit world and Kukaku has often wished that he was her fighter in order to make sure that she was taken care of. He hates that fact that he will have to let someone else, a complete stranger, take over what he considers his duty in life. Kukaku is also worried about being a good fighter and really hopes that his sacrifice will not try to take away his freedom from him or, even worse, try to take him away from his family.

Kukaku is the middle child of the Delaine siblings, his twin brother Kaien being older than by ten minutes; a fact that Kaien lords over him with pleasure. He and his twin are very close, not surprising since they are identical twins and their family is a close knit one anyway. The first memory that he can recall in life was when he touched his mother’s swelling stomach and felt his growing sister kick from the inside. The movement touched him so much that from that moment on, he promised that he would be the bestest big brother ever! (Yeah he was 3 at the time. Please forgive the bad grammer) Kaien, from what he can remember next, wasn’t quite as thrilled at feeling their sister kick. He said it was gross or something like that, not that Kukaku cared since he was enthralled with the experience. He has spent a good deal of his life keeping that promise that he made to his sweet sister.

He is the first one to admit that he has a sister complex and has always had it. It manifested itself at first as just being overprotective. He would walk her to school and back each day, make sure that none of the other kids would pick on her, etc. His mother thought (and still thinks) it’s precious (so does his father but he won’t admit it). This complex grew worse once his sister was diagnosed with an unknown illness that has pretty much taken her freedom from her, not that Tsukiyoko would ever admit to that. But since then, he and Kaien both have gone out of their way to keep an eye on her and make sure that she isn’t pushing herself too hard which she loves to do. It drives him crazy but he can kind of understand why she does it. He wouldn’t want anyone telling him what he could and couldn’t do just because he was sick and might never get rid of the illness causing it. He tries to let her do her own thing so to speak but its hard for him.

Ku in High School

Kukaku had always been popular with his classmates being the class clown sort of guy. He grew especially comfortable with his joking cracking- nice guy self in high school and everyone else seemed to like it too. Especially this one guy in his class; oh man was he a cutie. Big beautiful dark eyes, lovely brown hair that he had ached to run his hands through, perfect just right shade of pale skin that looked as soft as a feather pillow, yeah Kukaku had been head over heels in love with that boy. He and Cutie, whose real name was Shizuo Sanada, had become good friends and boy did Kukaku wish they could have been more. Shizuo was great, really awesome to be around; the wicked sense of humor, the beautiful eyes didn’t hurt either. The two of them grew extremely close; he told Shizuo everything and he liked to think that Shizuo trusted him too. Man, did Kukaku love him but he really didn’t want to ruin a good friendship so he never made a move. It’s something he regrets to this day since he wouldn't here from Shizuo for some time after they graduated. Not that this has made him give up his love for him but he does bury it deep to try and get over it. He hasn’t had much success.

Since graduating from high school, he has been working as a construction manager and training to be a better fighter. His true name, Valour, appeared over his heart the day after he graduated and he had actually went to Seven Moons for a little while before he left due his dislike of the headmaster Ritsu. The guy wouldn’t quit eyeing his ears; it was really creepy. His mother, Irene, took over his unit training and he’d like to think that he was pretty decent in Spell Battles. When Tsukiyoko, his precious sister, came to him with a unit name, hers being Devoted, he thought his heart was going to break at last. First losing his chance with Shizuo and then Tsu being a unit and a sacrifice at that, he wasn’t sure how he was going to live with this. Kukaku did the only thing he could think of to do at the time, he brought her to Irene.

They have continued training and he is still secretly looking for his paternal grandparents against his brother’s wishes. He also looked for the other half of his unit for quite some time, never knowing that he had already met them. He would eventually get paid a visit by a familiar face, Shizuo. It turned out that he was his Sacrifice and nothing could made Kukaku more happy than to hear that. But his happiness would be short lived. After only spending a few hours together as a whole unit, and with the person he loved so dearly, it would all come crashing down again. He had thought the meeting had gone well and that the two would be a whole unit and while Shizuo did nothing to deny this possibility while he was there, his actions afterwards would prove otherwise.

After that afternoon, he tried everything to get in contact with his Unit partner but all of it failed. Finally, someone who worked at Seven Moons was kind enough to inform him that Shizuo had left the country once again and that he might not ever return. The news finally broke Kukaku's heart and he has been in a rather deep depression ever since. He is doing his best to get back to his usual happy self but it is taking some hard efforts on his part (and a lot of support from his family, who are furious at the whole situation). He is also doing his best to finally get over his crush on his former Unit partner and is hoping to one day find love, and a whole Unit once again, with someone else.

These are optional fields. If there are other fields not listed below, you may add them.
Origin: Tokyo, Japan
Race/Ethnicity: Half Japanese/Half American
Language: Japanese, English
Parents/Elders/Guardians/Siblings: Toki Delaine-father; Irene Delaine-mother/spell battle teacher; Kaien Delaine-older twin brother;
Tsukiyoko Delaine-younger sister/ spell battle training partner
Hobbies: reading and video games; Plus pulling pranks on his sister
Likes: sleeping in, and spending time with friends
Loves: making things and sweets; scrapbooking (a guilty pleasure)
Dislikes: extremely high pitched voices and getting sunburned at work
Loathes: people picking on his sister and/or messing with his family
Fears: his sister dying, his sacrifice taking over his life and taking him away from his family
Strengths: A very passionate personality
Good qualities: Loyal and very kind hearted
Bad habits: bad temper, and being a little to trusting
Turn ons: beautiful eyes, a nice figure, and being able to handle themselves and their business
Turn offs: cruel people and being too aggressive/pushy

This form template was created by DK/firefly of and exclusively for Loveless: Redemption. Stealing shall merit a lifetime of being chased by rainbow unicorn tanks and visions of the most horrific gut-wrenching nude dancing you will ever encounter...same goes for modifying it without permission (outside of the information fields).

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Valour Fighter
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