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 Evermore Fighter

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PostSubject: Evermore Fighter    Thu Jan 17, 2013 3:49 am

Name: Erik Kamazaki
Nickname: KK from my father
True Name: Evermore
(Hasn't appeared yet)
Partner's Name: Boris Airay
(Just met for the very first time.)
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single but I am cautiously looking
Orientation: Homosexual
Birthdate: May 15th
Age: 18
Occupation: Street performing Musician
Dreams/Life Goals: Find someone to love/Make my father very proud

Height: 5'6"
Weight: 135lbs
Name Location: I don't have it yet so I don't really know...
(Will show up on his lower back.)
Ears and Tail: Golden ears. My tail is the same with a white tip.
Eyes: Emerald Green
Hair: Long and Sienna Red
Build: Lithe

I am Erik Kamazaki. A kind but very bashful fellow. It comes from my childhood. I never talk much and I seem to be a blank wall at times. So I apologize if that freaks a few people out at first. I really come to life when I dive into my music. My voice is clear and I can feel my fingers strum to the notes playing in my heart. I seem to be more outspoken in this state and my happy side just has a brilliance to it I think I can blind you. If I knew how that is. But besides that I am probably a very sweet guy once you get through my bashfulness and know me a little more. Maybe one of sweetest guys you may ever meet. Hmmm cupcakes sound good right about now....

Well now this is the part about me isn't it? Well let me give you a brief background about the Kamazaki name. It started a very long time ago when a woman by the name of Kimiko Kamazaki was born into a world blind. Although she had no vision her ears were as sharp as a golden eagle. A friend of hers helped her play the Violin and over time her ears adapted into the keys of Music. She used her hearing to help her see and feel her way around the world. Through her passionate music it opened up the gates of many countries for her to visit and play. Her lack of vision never stopped her from becoming big. Eventually over time she married outside of her heritage and was disowned by her father who at the time was a Don of a large section of Japan. She didn't care though and remained with her family outside of his reach.

For years the Kamazaki name flourished because each child born was taught an instrument to play. Some learned the patterns of the wind which would be the flutes and other pipe instruments. Some learned the beats of the Earth's heart which is Drums. Others the flow of water which is bells...I am sure you get the picture. Anyways this traveling name became known as each member settled down in a spot eventually and married had kids and yada yada. The cycle repeated as each new member was born. My Father was the same way. He was born into this family learning not one but two instruments and his voice. In fact my Father was the first to use his voice with his music and that made him grow the Kamazaki name even higher in status.

Unlike his father and the many before him dad didn't marry anyone at an early age. In fact he considered himself bad luck with women. Most Kamazaki's married around the age of 18 and had their first child around 21. Dad really wanted kids and he wanted to carry the tradition as well but that didn't happen. So he played it smart and on his 18th birthday he made a separate account in Tokyo, Japan. He was here visiting family from his mothers side since his mother passed away due to cancer 2 years before. Around this time he has dated he said but nothing came of it except women after his money and status. An Uncle of his suggested doing what many of the other Kamazaki's did in the past: Travel where no Kamazaki has gone before. Now dad thought about this and decided to go back to Amsterdam. Which is where his father is from and the rest of his larger family lived including his brother. After he visited his mother's grave site he flew back to his other home and was welcomed with open arms.

His dad was still recovering from his wounds during the war but he was so happy to see his son and hear that the others were doing well. During his stay back home a letter came to the house requesting dad to play in the concert hall for a major charity event. It was another great honor for the Kamazaki history books and a memorable night for dad. That is where he met mom. A tourist in Amsterdam nonetheless and loved music. They people who attended were able to meet all the musicians and mom spent the most time with dad. Come to find out she was mixed as well but she has no family in Amsterdam. As she spent her time there dad seemed to grow more in love with her. She moved out there later one once a college accepted her so she could get a degree in Sociology. So 3 years later they married.

By now father had saved a lot of money for his future kids. He wanted a lot according to what he told me. But regardless once he married my mother she sort of...changed. Or switched if that is much more proper to say. She became different to him which seemed odd at first because it became subtle then it just turned out weird. Now mother was sweet and everything a guy would dream of in a woman before they got married but after the fact? It seemed this woman had plans.....big plans. Dad would work on some songs and mother became this sexy distraction as he called it. Made no sense to me why she did it but as dad told me it was to create children for a huge pay out. Something Famous stars do to each other which always awes the public. Anyways she seemed to be more determined at the time but dad he seemed to in love with her to notice the signs. Broken condoms, the calendar dates, her outbursts when he had a concert to go to, and her obsession of buying a new expensive outfit every award ceremony he went to.

Yeah the perfect life for her until she became pregnant with me. My father was overjoyed along with the family once they heard. But my mother had her plans set in motion since that day she laid eyes on my dad I was just her ticket to a dream. One that became a nightmare for me once I was aware. I was born on May 15th to Nicholai and Amber Kamazaki. My dad said when he held me for the first time he cried since it was a joyous day for him. For my mother she scowled for I carried none of her features except for this small lithe body. I looked just like my dad which I am very proud and happy with. The first year I was learning to live in a vast and yet very detached world. Mother was home always taking something and dad when he was there would spend all his time with me. I was happy with my father than I was with my mother. But things quickly changed when I was staring to turn 2. Of course dad said I was crying a lot but I couldn't help it since mother showed no affection towards me except for when dad came home. He wanted to have my 2nd birthday at grandpa's house but mother said no. At this time she had already severed ties with all of dad's family and even went as far as cause trouble with dad's family to disown her altogether.

The battle for me were heated arguments everyday and tears as my dad would carry me to my room while I cried. I didn't know they were fighting over me all I wanted was the pain to stop. One day my father went to a club to perform and mother had packed all of my things with hers and told me we were going bye bye. I thought we were coming back but we never did. She took us to a small, cramped scary apartment which I swear nightmares were real. Dad said after his week long search divorcement papers came to the house and that is when mother initiated her plans. She was suing my dad on top of the divorcement papers and used me as bait to do it. I couldn't reject which was wrong in my heart to do so. I love my dad but mom was just down right scary. Dad was to pay my mother $14million in USD. Now thankfully dad was very smart and had many accounts with saved money including the one he had for me. Once the lawsuit went through they handled the Divorcement. Now with some new law in affect dad said he wasn't able to get me right away. So they agreed that dad would have me on the weekends and mom had me on the weekdays. When I was old enough I walked to and from school by myself which I didn't mind since I walked slowly. I didn't like going to my mothers. I go home the house was cold and she was always on something. Men came to the apartment all the time. Paying her randomly as she paid others for these weird things she takes daily. I was never to say a word to my father or it would result in a beating. I was terrified of her at this point. There were nights I didn't eat and nights she let these men touch me for a bigger pay. I.....I cried but there wasn't much I could do since I was so little. All of this I had hidden from my dad and I bottled it up inside until I couldn't take it anymore and ran away.

It was down pouring I had on thin pajamas and no shoes. I didn't care since all I knew was that I needed to get away from there. I had no sense of direction and I didn't know what to do but soon I had succumb to my hunger and the cold passing out on the sidewalk near my Uncle Rasin's home. He rushed me to the hospital and called my dad immediately. I had hypothermia, suffered from head trauma, had lacerations from my beatings, and malnutrition. All which were recoded and given to my dad. It was a day or so after I awoke crying my eyes out because the last thing I wanted was to be taken away from my dad once more. My Uncle Rasin told my dad about a friend of his who is a lawyer and soon plans were underway. My mother never came looking for me until a case of child neglectance and endangerment cases were brought to her apartment. By this time I was out of the hospital and recovering at my uncle's place since mom knows where my dad lives. That court case was intense from what my uncle told me but the government handed me over to my dad and that was the happiest day of my life. Dad wasted no time getting me out of my uncle's care and taking us back to Japan to stay with family out there. But my mother was never heard from again which was odd but in my mind I was free of her foul play and no longer a toy.

Now I must admit the time with my father are the best. He taught me how to play guitar. Read and write and even put me through a really good school system in Japan. When father found the perfect house we moved to a small city not to far from my grandmother's gravesite with a special academy not to far from the house. My father said this was home for him when he was living with his parents. It was a Haven of sorts which he never explained it too much. All he told me was that it is very special and we will be protected here as long as we live here. I was alright with it just at least I had him and mom never popped up again I was happy. I became my a mirror image of my father as I grew older. From the performing with him on the weekends after homework to teaching me how to do a few things on my own like cooking when I got older and taking care of the house or chores. Dad still plays music for major places and as I got better I asked for a permit to play out in the streets. I would go there at least once every two weeks and played. Soon shop owners asked for me to play at their shops to help attract guests. So I did and I actually enjoy it a lot. Such a great growing experience. I finally had things looking up for me now that I did something dangerous as a child to correct my issues and with my father taking good care of me I couldn't ask for a better parent.

As I got older dad was teaching me what it means to be a man. Somethings I had learned on my own and others I was not exposed to yet. Now one thing father said was always going to be difficult to grasp is the concept of love. I told him I understand and that maybe one day I will find that special someone to show me what it means to love. My first lover however was one I cherished until he deceived me. I was 12 at the time and he would always bring me to the neighboring towns for our dates. One particular night we went to Downtown Kibou and I recalled the alleyways quite clear. He stopped at an old house which I remember being an old sweet shop. He said his uncle lived there and that he wanted to meet me. I followed like the love stricken kitten I was and found the uncle to be one of my mothers suitors who used to visit her in Amsterdam. Things went from bad to worse when he pushed me down and tried to have his nephew assault me. Horrors from my past coming at me again here in Japan? I just couldn't handle it. I don't know how I managed to save myself but I took the nearest weapon and attempted to use it. It was loud and eventually a neighbor called the police. They came a little later than expected but they found me with spattered blood on my face and clothes shivering in the corner holding the only weapon that potentially saved my life even though I was a poor swordsman. The man I stabbed survived and I heard he went to my mother after he found her in Amsterdam and demanded that she pay for his medical and court costs for assaulting a minor. Mother found it intriguing that I was alive still and far from her clutches. I guess she believed that I would be dead and father failed being my father. She paid the costs just to gain information about our whereabouts from the man. During that time I had to go through Therapy and some Psychiatric help. I was terrified that I would keep more to myself. My dad was very worried but it took me a year to break out of that habit and become more or less normal once more.

At 15 I foolishly fell for someone again. The man was gentler than my first and by now I had taken all my sword lessons. I am decent and nothing to awe about. My guitar skills are far better thanks to my father. That is what this young man claimed to me. I played for him often and for one day well after our 6 months together a side of him I had never seen before took over. We went out to eat and he managed to slip something in my drink. Thankfully I drank very little and the drug didn't work as well. But that didn't stop him from causing a fuss in the restaurant bathroom and trying to get on me. I had fended him off of me and ran away. To me I felt I was done with the dating scene and no one was there for me. Dad of course tried to convince me otherwise but I told him it was better this way. by this time I feared women thanks to my mom and I feared men due to my past and the trails up till now. For now though even though of my reclusive nature I bumped into one man who is very friendly. I just hope we can continue to be friends. I would like to have some friends at least.

So I have met this young man twice and both times he has me feeling...odd and tongue tied. Nothing bad at all just...different and warm. If that makes any sense at all. Well I went to Septimal Moons Academy and met the headmaster Kyros. He is an interesting man and looks young to be the headmaster of such a large academy. He helped set me up with my basic class packet and offered to assist me if I have more questions. I also met a red haired man and a crazy woman in the office as I waited to see Kyros. Such odd people we have in this world and before I left a tall man with such odd colored hair was in the office. He had to be a Professor as well dressed as he was. Somehow thanks to my wandering thoughts I ended up in the Park and tripped over this stupid cloak. Now it is torn, met a really nice guy just lie me and made him feel awkward, and my phone landed in the waterfall. Sigh Can my day get any worse? I hope I didn't make the other guy feel too bad. Devil's food and this bashfulness of mine...

These are optional fields. If there are other fields not listed below, you may add them.

Origin: West and New West District, Amsterdam (North Holland, Netherlands)
Ethnicity: Dutch, American and Japanese
Languages: I know Dutch and Japanese but English is still a very hard subject for me to grasp....
Physical Faults: This woman like figure I have. Could be why I never was looked at too much because I am small and Lithe....
Family: My father and my distant relatives
Hobbies: Making music. I learned the Guitar at a very early age thanks to my father being a well known musician.
Likes: Beaches, beautiful weather, good food, flowers and scarves.
(Don't laugh just because I like flowers doesn't make me less manly *pouts*)
Loves: Sweets, learning something new, colors, being healthy
Dislikes: I shouldn't dislike anyone but my mother has been placing herself in this category.
Loathes: Peanut Butter....It's
Fears: Having to rely on drugs like my mother. It's a long story....
Other: I don't like cursing too much. So I usually name sweets in replacement of a curse word.
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Evermore Fighter
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