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 Clandestine Fighter

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PostSubject: Clandestine Fighter    Sun Feb 05, 2012 3:42 am

Full Name: Jasper Dietrich
Nickname: Jas
True Name: Clandestine
Partner's Name: Kai Varia
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Birth Date: 8th of June
Occupation: Second Captain in command of the Varia family personal armed forces/ Mercenaries.

Hair: Jaspers hair is a lovely waist long, silvery coloured hair that attacts a lot attention from both the male and female populace as from the back it is hard to tell his gender.
Eyes: His eyes are a simillar colour as his hair. In certain lights his eyes can look a very light blue.
Height: Around a normal height of 178cm or 5'8 for a European male.
Build: He works out but does not have a body builders body. It is more of a muscular toned body.
Name location: On the back of his upper left arm located in small writing just near the back fold of his arm pit.

To most people Jasper gives off a quiet, mysterious vibe with a little bit of arrogance that comes from his position within the family. But hidden down within him, is a stubborn and argumentative personality, that only comes out every now and then. For most of his life, this personality was beaten down and subdued by his sacrifices family. As he learned later on in life, if he didn't be what they wanted him to be. There were a line of replacements waiting. And the family were all to happy do just that.
So since he was brought into the Varia family, he has had to change his personality or at least pretend to change for the sake of staying alive and staying by Kai's side. If like Kai, you had known Jasper since he was a child then, you would see some one who, despite all formal outward appearances of being and acting like a slave, some one who takes pride in their work. Some one who despite being irritable and easy to piss off on some days, is also some one who cares alot about those close to him. And as much as he would never admit it, he is deeply in love with Kai. As the sacrifice was the only one who gave him any semi balance of affection. Even though most of it was just plain stone cold emotion.

He hates giving others the upper hand, in Kai's case, he will put up a weak fight and then let kai have what he wanted. With others he usually makes sure he gains and keeps the upper hand but then crushes them ruthlessly. As he was taught to do.
Because of the work he does with the families forces, he has also had to learn to have a completely separate and professional personality from the one he has when it it Kai and himself. In other words, he doesn't (Apart from Kai. Obviously.) mix work with his personal life.

Jasper was born in the main capitol of Estonia, Tallinn to a German mother and a Estonian father. His mother was a non unit while his father was an on the run sacrifice-less fighter. Jasper grew up in relitive normalacy until he came home from school one day at the age of six to find strange looking and talking people in his parents little house. These people, unbeknownst to him at the time were a group of people who worked for the Varia family. The Varia family are a wealthy family who has ties in many things ranging from cars, mines, mafia [traces of which you would be very hard to come by], military and security. Another thing unknown to the six year old at the time was that his very own father had been a fighter for the third child to the head of the family at the time. But the 27 year old sacrifice had died in a tragedy that tore at Jasper's fathers heart as the two had been best friends. Now this particular family had a horrid medieval tradition of 'sacrificing' the fighter if death came to the actual sacrifice. It was a strange and probably not very useful tradition but, tradition it is and it is still carried out to this very day.

Now the strange people were here for Jaspers father to carry out the tradition. But upon finding the fighters child stumble into the house they cackled and claimed that the child was now belonged to the Varia family for all the expenses and trouble that they had to put into finding the run away fighter, who was promptly shot after he was able to say good bye to his child. Just to make it all easier on the strangers they shot Jaspers mother too just so there would not be any complications later down the track.

So sitting in a car surrounded by strangers Jasper heard two gun shots and then joined by another man and they were off. An airport, three aeroplanes and another car ride later Jasper found himself infront of a large wooden door at an estate. One of the men accompanying him knocked on the door. When he thinks about this time Jasper remembers shivering on those steps frightened and cold. As the door creaked open Jasper looked up in to the eyes of the current Pater [son of the afore meantioned pater], silent tears fell down the boys face. A sudden realisation had come to the child. He was never going to see his friends, his home nor his parents ever again.

That night Jasper was taken in and certain things were explained to the tearful, frightened and confused child. Pater 'explained' that Jasper was to be living with him and his family, and that his parents had gone to a different place now. Japser was now under this families rules so to speak.

The next upon waking up he looked about the room he had been given and his eyes fell upon another child that was sitting in a large chair. This child, who was a year older than him was his sacrifice, as he found out at a much later date.

This child who introduced himself as Kai told the young Jasper some more things. How Jasper was going to be 'his' for ever and ever. At this Jasper argued back not understanding what Kai meant and flew into a temper. This was the first time that Kai hit Jasper. The young sacrifice had silently sat there through Jaspers tantrum before getting up from the chair calmly and smacking Jasper around the head. The smack completely stunned the six year old into silence.

Kai looked at Jasper with cold and calm eyes that a boy of seven should not have and said. “Shut it or ill keep going.” The sound of the voice sent a shiver down Jaspers spine as he nodded and gulped his voice back.
That afternoon Kai dropped a few more hints as to what was happening but never explained it to the now very curious Jasper till the next week.

After a tour around certain parts of the house Jasper learnt that he was going to be trained in one of the key elements of the Varia family, the security side. One of the men who had been showing the child around showed him a set of rooms. This room would be one of the area's he would be spending a lot of time shedding blood, sweat and occasionally tears. It was the dojo and combat training rooms.

The next morning Jasper was rudely woken up, dragged out of bed and pushed, still half asleep into the dojo where he found Kai already sitting there meditating peacfully. Siddling up next to the older boy Jasper looked around with wide eyes. As his heart begin to beat a little faster with anticipation an old man walked out from behind a curtain. This man was the dojo master and one of the old family paters who had created the families own style of combat. The old man turned out to be a very harsh and demanding master who always expected perfection from all his students no matter their age or compentancy. By the end of the first training session Jasper was bruised and bloodied and feeling very sorry for himself.

When he started his wander back up to his room he was intercosted by Kai who ushed the child fighter up to the older boys room where Kai tended to the six year olds wounds. After his wounds were tended Jasper thanked Kai, and started off to his own room. Before he even got to Kai's door the sacrifice said in a bland voice. “Sit back down. Your staying here.” All Jasper could do was nod slightly as he sat back down on the thick rug. “Stay here.” He was ordered, and some how he did. It was like he was compelled to stay there. Like Kai's voice was mesmorizing or some thing. Later that evening Kai made his preparations to go to bed when Jasper, who was still sitting on the rug asked if he could go to his own bed yet. To this Kai said a firm no and to go to sleep. So there Jasper slept for his second night, there on the thick rug on the floor.

Fast forward four years and a ten year old Jasper is more aware of his surrounding, his place in the Varia family and what he is, but he still doesn't fully understand the whole thing, the whole situation. He and Kai train every day, then while Kai is studying Jasper picks up after and tends to Kai essentially becoming some thing of a servant to the sacrifice.
But Jasper still had some thing of a free will which caused them to fight often which resulted in Jasper being punished in some twisted way that Kai saw fit. One night Kai got so angry with Jasper he dragged the boy around the place by his hair, tied him up to a gate and slowly cut the fighters skin with little flesh woulds that continued to bleed for most of the night. The fight had been about servitude and how Jasper thought he had a right to do what he wanted, but some where in the back of his mind he knew he didnt. He belonged to Kai. But the thought of belonging to some one with out question or the right to do any thing he pleased without asking erked him. But after that night, when his cries had died down from filling the large house he decided to never bring that topic up again.

Their fights, most of the time were just single sided. When ever Kai got bored he would 'punish' Jasper. These 'punishments' varied from a range of things, and the reasons, if he ever bothered to give one was because of Jaspers lack of respect or insolance. Jasper thought he could do nothing right. But what he thought was the strangest thing was that after each and every punishment Kai would bring him in and tend to the wounds. Carefully dabbing ointment or applying bandages. And some times if Kai was in a good enough mood he would let Jasper curl up in Kai's bed, which in Jaspers mind was hell of a lot better than sleeping on the floor.

Even as he got older Jasper became more aware of his role within the Varia Family, the training and teachings became more detailed and harder, ranging from top training in various martial arts, sword skills, manipulation, and warfare tactics. On many occiassions he and Kai would just fall into the bed and slept, dead to the world.

One morning the house became slightly flustered, servants ran around every where and the house was full of the sound of small murmers. It was from the heads of the house calling an intimate family meeting. Kai of course was called to this meeting but Jasper, now at the age of 12, was left to train and then entertain himself for the rest of the time. The meeting took two days and was held behind thick locked doors. Over these two days Jasper really learnt how much he really missed having Kai around to train and just generally hang around with. For the first time in a long time Japser actually felt lonely. But he told no one of this and just trained profusely, always hoping that Kai would walk back into the room as if nothing had happened and he hadn't been gone.

But it was not meant to be. When Kai did make his eventual return two days later he had a look on his face. Jasper still remembers it. To him it signaled the change to every thing.
For the rest of that afternoon, there seemed to be some thing new, like a distance between the two. And for some reason Jasper didn't like it. It made the air bad or some thing, like a bad aura. But that night as they settled for bed. Jasper went to his usual spot at the end of the huge bed but he was suddenly grabbed in the usual manner by Kai and hauled to the head of the bed and shoved down into the softness of the bed. His eyes had stayed on Kai's face as this was a little strange, even for Kai.
Then... Lips met his. One could almost feel the electricity in the air as they kissed for the very first time. That night, was the first time Kai showed any passion towards Jasper. It was a night that he would treasure all his life. And the night they both lost their ears.

The morning after Jasper awoke in the arms of his sacrifice, who was still sleeping. Smiling he reached up and stroked his cheek. That night had been gentle and he had received more love from Kai than he thought the sacrifice was capable of.

But that was the last time it happened. At the start Jasper tried to get Kai to do it again, but he was either ignored or told to 'shut up'. He even went as far as to try and seduce Kai. It only worked for a kiss, then he was thrown to the floor and told to stay there all night. Weeks and months passed by and still nothing. He went back to being treated as nothing more than a dog. He even thought that the families dogs were treated better...

Now 15 Jasper and Kai, after a grueling training session were ushered away to a new place within the families estate. It was a huge barn like structure that, once they got inside was completely empty. Across the other side of the building were two others standing there. One an older cousin of Kai's and another male. These two were to be Clandestine's first spell battle partners. Leading up to this point over three years. The family had ensured that Jasper was taught poems, the meaning of words and how to use them, making sure that he, in theory knew how to defend his sacrifice in battle. It started and went well for about ten minutes, Jasper even managed to get the other units sacrifice's hands shackled. But then the other unit came on too strong and Kai was soon bound. After this session Jasper was punished until he passed out.

This sort of training happened after their physical training every day, with rotating units. And every day the same punishment, even if the young fighter did win against the opposing unit. That was until Jasper at 16 almost killed the other unit by accident. This night Kai let him sleep in his bed, although nothing happened Jasper was a little happy with himself.

Training of all kind kept coming at the young fighter from all directions until he was 18 and Kai was put in charge of the Varia families personal armed forces. This group had older units as well as normal's who were employed by the family. The group were sent on missions for the family for many things such as government security and the like. Many aristocratic unit families used the group too for their own needs. It was in a way, the Varia families way of making Kai take responsibility for some thing other than himself and Jasper. For the fighter, it was some thing other than being beaten all the time, and some where he could take out his frustrations on the other members.

During this time, behind the scenes of training. Jasper was still mercilessly beaten as a outlet for Kai. They fought and screamed at each other, which still ended in Jasper submitting to punishment. In the end, no matter how much he hated being beaten, he still was owned by Kai. Mind, body and soul belonged to the sacrifice. Jasper had nothing to claim as his, not even his emotions.

The fighter, at the end of the day was always beaten down and numbed. Controlled. After a while he began to feel lonely. He had, in his own mind, come to the conclusion that nobody loved, cared or wanted him. Not even his parents. Another thing he knew nothing about. As a child he had started to suppress the memory, which turned into night mares. Only occasionally he would cry out a night, but when he woke up he would never remember. He always just woke up with the feeling of loneliness. Kai, didn't help the fighter's feelings either. He showed next to no emotion towards Jasper, and the older they got the colder he was to the fighter. So self loathing set in and bitter emotions flooded through his mind. He never told Kai any of how he felt emotionally. It was easier that way.

In the end it was just easier to be numb and obey.

On Jasper's 23rd birthday, which as usual wasn't celebrated or even acknowledged. Jasper woke up from his place on the floor rug and stared at the still sleeping Kai. He had woken up from a rather erotic dream about the sacrifice and his face was red. It was, at that time he realized some thing that he had kept hidden even from himself. No matter how much he was punished or beaten. Jasper loved his sacrifice.

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Origin: Estonian
Language: English, Estonian, Finnish, Russian and Japanese.
Blood Type: O pos
Hobbies: Drawing and training.
Likes: Training.
Loves: Kai [Will never admit it. Unless Kai says it first. Or unless Kai gets him in such a frustrated mood that he tells him.]
Dislikes: Mushrooms. Kai's father.
Loathes: Being punished for no reason that he can think of. When Kai is in a mood. The strange nightmares he occasionally gets and which he can never really understand.
Strengths: His discipline from the training he received, so he knows how to control his mind and body.
Good qualities: Is polite and professional to all, even those he detests.
Bad habits: Fidgeting when bored.
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Clandestine Fighter
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