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 Blank Fighter (Rhys Fransico) [Academy Secretary]

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PostSubject: Blank Fighter (Rhys Fransico) [Academy Secretary]   Sat Mar 02, 2013 2:27 am

Name: Rhys Fransico
Nickname: You might want to ask my Masters that one. I have no idea what pet names they call me when I am not in range.
Age: 25
Birthdate: Dec 24
Martial Status: Single
Occupation: Was a butler to the Fransico Family. Currently has been assigned as Septimal Moons Secretary
Partner: Don't have one yet
Position: Fighter
True Name: Doesn't have one yet
Gender: Male
Orientation: Homosexual
Dream: Find the truth about his parents

Build: I am toned but that is about it. I am not large or anything but even for my size I can be deceiving.
Ears and Tail: I lost those while being curious. Sometimes I miss them though I will not lie.
Eyes: A light purple of sorts.
Hair: A bright red of sorts. Looks like a dye but I assure you it is natural
Height: 5'9"
Name Location: No clue if it will appear or if it will be written.
Physical Faults: I have woman like hands. Long and not big at all. Even my wrists are a bit small compared to normal male like hands.
Weight: That is a personal matter

Anything you would imagine a butler being I am. Quiet, neat and very punctual. The one thing I do that most don't is capture and watch my Masters on a constant basis. Life is rather....interesting when you know who you are with. I tend to smile a lot whether it is a good or bad situation for the person I am against. I am pretty mellow and chill when I work. Since I am alone I tend to work at a fast pace and make sure I do a thorough job the first time so I don't have to have a lot to do when I go over it again. I usually keep to myself but I hear that I have fan clubs among the female populace. Hopefully they don't bring it around me. I was never too fond of the large crowds.

Strength: I am a very fast learner and adapter. I think fairly quickly on my feet.
Weakness: Only people close to me will know

Candle Making: Yes it is a hobby that I do sell in the small village at home and trade with merchants even overseas. Here are a list of my favorite flavors:


My name is Rhys Fransico. I was born and raised in the castle of Fransico in Romania. My parents were both Butlers to this wealthy family and so were their parents so in turn I honor my heritage by serving the 2 men who have protected my family for generations. Ever since I was little I would watch the two train in what they called Unit Mock Battles. I found it fascinating to battle with just using words and I felt I could be good at it as well. One day they showed me a few moves and I caught on fairly quickly. One morning however my Masters were gone and I began to worry. At this time I was 13 and I didn't understand fully what their positions in life were until the ball showed up on TV the following night. They set up this elaborate scene and as soon as a beautiful woman walked down the steps the programming shut off. Once they got home they filled me in. They setup this place to catch a female rogue unit who were just as wealthy as they are. Once they were brought down of course their forces paid them an amount but they didn't need it too much so it went to charity. I found this to be amazing so they taught me how to read between the lines and soon I was able to understand rings a little bit. Over the years I was able to handle missions on my own and reap the rewards.

After many years of helping my Masters in both fields they told me I need to complete my training at the Academy in Japan. I was very hesitant with it at first. Leaving home which has been my safe haven and I am cautious about everything else. But they told me I am actually needed there. So I saw it as a mission more so than anything else. I was to find 3 things which they said were vital. 1 was the headmaster. 2 was to find someone to care or love. I still have much to learn about that but I guess I will find something equivalent to it. 3 is to find a partner a unit. It is my lifes purpose as they stated to me. Otherwise I would not have been born into this world. So now I am off to Japan to find these things and hope to find truth about me.

These are optional fields. If there are other fields not listed below, you may add them.
Bad Habit: Getting rid of that butler frame of mind. Been doing it most of my life. Old habits are so hard to break.
Blood Type: O-
Dislikes: Peanut Butter, very messy people, really hot weather, cow tongue.
Dreams: Finding out the truth
Ethnicity: I am Spanish from what I have been told.
Fears: Never finding out the truth about me and my parents.
Hobby: I have had an interest in Candle Making. I started when my Masters told me that normal light hurts their sensitive eyes. So I started making candles of varies sizes and scents and beautiful array of colors.
Languages: Japanese, Romanian, Spanish
Likes: Cooking, Wine, Frigărui - skewered meat
Loathes: Being called a Girl or at least mistaken for one anyways.
Loves: Long baths, Soft scents, Vodka and Cherry Liquors, and Amandine - chocolate sponge cake filled with almond cream
Origin: I come from a small place known as Daia Romana in Alba, Romania
Family: My parents are unknown / Gerald and William Fransico
Past Careers: I was a Unit Seeker and Killer when needed. I was mostly taught how to trap.

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Blank Fighter (Rhys Fransico) [Academy Secretary]
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