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 Blank Fighter

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PostSubject: Blank Fighter    Sun Jan 13, 2013 4:20 am

Name: Dokaku Masamune
(Masamune derives from Gorō Nyūdō Masamune who was Japan's Greatest Swordsmith of late 13th - early 14th Centuries)
Alias: Dogi Matson
(An Alias with a complete disguise he uses on the Tori Campus)
Nickname: One-Eye Basilisk of Destruction
True Name: Blank Fighter
Partner's Name: Never bothered to look for one. If it comes it comes. Better be worth it...
Brithdate: Jan. 14th
Age: 22
Life Goal: Expose the Unit World for what it is and tear down all the Aristocrats into broke, poor, sour pussies!
Gender: *Checks Pants* Looks like a male to me
Martial Status: Single but I love to play~
Occupation: Checking out potential "Play things" in the Unit world. Also keeping an eye out for other threats to me and the Bloodhounds. I hate them...
Orientation: None of your damn business

Masa Half Naked:

Height: 5'8"
Weight: Why is this important to you right now??
Name Location: What part of a Blank don't you seem to understand?
Eyes: Gold
Hair: short and choppy ranging from brown-dark brown
Ears and Tail: Now let's see.....when did I lose those again???
Build: Military build due to my background
Misc: My right eye is gone and I have a full back dragon tattoo done by the Yakuza Artist in my hometown perfecture.

Rude, rough, rigid, thug. Many things there are to describe me and my personality. I am not the nicest guy to be around let alone someone you would like to know. I have a bad history and a foul attitude to carry with it. Keep your distance if you don't want to get hurt. Trust me I am worse than an over packed gun or idiot with the sharpest kitchen knife. My words and attacks cut pretty damn deep. This is about 95% of me that the world knows me by. Only one person has seen my rare 5% and I highly doubt that percentage will ever come up again. I put up a front and I hunt my prey before attacking it. So now that you know I am a hot head and not friendly maybe you can keep your distance and stay away from me.

Alright sit your happy ass down. I have to give you the run down about the name and why it is so fucking popular....Then we will get to happy little ol me in a few. First off my bloodline comes from a very complicated fabrication of life that changed Japan's history. I am talking about during the time when we calculated Eras and shit. According to my family library my name comes from a very well known blacksmith. In fact during his time he was one of the greatest Blacksmiths to forge a sword, dagger and knife. Intricate beauties and yet some of the deadliest weapons to date. Well one man in the family was this smith and the other was the wielder also known as the man's son. The one man army killer known as Date Masamune. This is my family of pride. Both served in the military one created the other wielded. A beautiful synergy of sorts that anyone could imagine. They served for the emperor during that time and one of his greatest threats was upon him. My ancestors got together and formulated a plan that thus far no one recalls how they pulled it off. All they know is that my Centuries old Grandfather was handed the 6 claws of the dragon. His dad created them in a perfected skill that no one was able to replicate before. It worked so well that when Granddad fought the armies that came didn't stand a chance. He succumbed to his fatigue over time and died over the swords when he knelt over the ground he protected. Thus this is where our fortheavy military minds were born. Strong as a fortified wall and as unpenetrable as the strongest prison.

Well now that you know about my background let's go to me shall we? I was born to a very powerful woman named Morgana and a father of a very strong military backing/history named Kiyoshi. How these two met I don't even fucking know. But they met got married and mom had me on Jan 14th. Now what I do remember was the man had Zero tolerance of everything and would beat me as a kid. I am not talking about that belt to the raw ass cheeks nor that kneel in the corner on uncooked rice. I mean a punch or slap to the face or something far worse that the man could think of. Of course not all of my childhood was fighting. Some of it was.....nice I guess just very fucking strict. I was exposed and placed through the Military training at a pretty young age even as I was going through school. So much torture as a kid I swear it. Well anyways what end up happening was me coming back from one of my training days in the family training facility to coming home and seeing my parents arguing. Now that is usually normal but that day was different. The arguing of losing our family to a clan they considered their enemy. More like my dad's enemy who were the Sanadas'. Not sure what their beef was but fuck it I didn't care. What ended up happening was the arguing became fighting which in turn became a killing of self defense. At least that is what mother called it. I never saw it as such but I was young at the time and was just placed in psychiatric help that was just about it. Mother went through the court system and because of her high status her sentencing was a bit short. Yes fuckers you have a sentence even if it is self defense. Once she was released she took up her position and my father's without missing a step.

She picked up the military ordeal and changed it into something we never expected. Not only were we asked by our prefecture to help clear it of bad names but also to be the country's military backup. Which was changed to the Country's front lines in no time. But I...I wasn't there for that transition. Mother said it would scar the mind and distort me more than I already was. So I was forced through school and told to do light military work over the holidays. This didn't bother me like most people in my position. In fact I loved it so much I was moving up in ranking before I even knew it. But one summer break I was blown away by one man: his name was Sen Sanada. Yeah I know he is my family rival fuck off. He was...different. He was a challenge and someone who didn't mind me being a dumb ass or someone who was willing to be wild for fun. He challenged me to an extent and was smooth enough to let me have my way without making it feel easy. Ahh those were good times indeed. So without my mother noticing I befriended this man in secret since she blames them for causing my family rift and her unstable mind to do what she did. Remaining in the shadows was the best bet for this friendship to flourish.

Anyways as our friendship grew in the shadows once summer break hit this would be the same summer when I discovered something by pure accident. I said a few words in a restaurant which set the whole place ablaze and it burned down without a trace. Now I will admit this freaked me out at first and that is when my mother placed me under a much more strict training so I wouldn't harm others again. Sen was there and I thought I had freaked the man out to holy oblivion. But like me after the paralyzed stun passed through my system he was as curious about it as I was. After a while in this special training off to the side with these "Hired Professionals" I soon gained enough courage to ask Mother what this was all about and she said I was from a world my father kept secret from her all these years. One she said could jeopardize the family name if I wasn't careful. I questioned her about how she found out since father never told her directly and she tossed a big ass book at me. Apparently his side held this secret for generations. At this point I didn't care about her caution of the society. I was more interested about these strange powers with unique abilities attached to them. Needless to say I took the book and read through it with Sen in our secret location in the training fields by the hot springs. Father went into detail about the nature of this Unit World and what his family made were known as Blanks. We bare no name of our own but we can take a name up when a marked unit comes to claim our skin. Sen found this fascinating and everyday from then on we trained together but he couldn't do what I could do. Usually pissed me off but he cooled my temper and stated he would continue on with our secret training in hopes that one day a name would appear for him and he would claim me just to fucking piss off both families.

This secret training we did went on for about 3-4 years and our relationship grew the more we trained. Somehow my second to last year in High School made me a bit nervous. At the time I didn't know why but that piece will be explained later. As we trained during the days the weekends were spent to ourselves in this special house we made. Ah those nights were fucking amazing if you ask me. We had Alcohol available to steal and food of our liking within grasp. Of course to not make things become suspicious we were only there 1-2 nights and remained at home the rest of the time. One night I came home reeking of alcohol and sex of course. Not sure why my dumbass went home that night instead of staying in the hide out but whatever. Mom noticed my Akita ears were gone and so was my tail. Man she was so pissed and that ended in us losing a part of the house. Yeah I will let you guess what happened there........Anyways, after the estate was relocated out of Shikoku Mother said my powers were growing out of hand. So she told me the academy I was going to which was a special branch to train people like me to control their powers. Now I denied to go for 2 reasons. One Sen wouldn't be able to get in and two I was going to have to stay within the academy's grounds. That was so not going to happen. Let's just say my rebellion didn't last very long. It took my favorite commanders and a few other hands to drag me onto the campus grounds. Sen was brilliant enough to follow me in the shadows but the gates was as far as he could go. At the time a man named Ritsu was in charge of the place. In fact my mother stomped us through the doors to Ritsu's office. Other people were there sitting as it looked to be a meeting of sorts. Men of power I guess but I didn't care about that. I was too heated to want to know. What stopped me from going on a rampage was this man's very odd taste in hobbies: Butterfly collecting...

So regardless to say I finished regular schooling and had this school to finish up. Which fucking sucked because my time with Sen was shorter. He did however go through his family training and became a high ranking officer in no time. Now this place taught us rules about teaching people in the outside world their methods. I didn't care and continued to train with Sen in secret at the abandoned temple on the hill. Somehow we let our guard down and were spotted by one of Ritsu's men. Now I didn't know at the time and since it was summer I cared less. We continued doing our thing but Mother eventually found out about our relationship and she worked with Ritsu to put an end to our secrets. So once winter break came I assure you we weren't expecting this. Sen was meeting me at the usual location but someone got there before me. Now it had been snowing during the school year so once break hit it was going to be perfect to meet in the snow and have our fun like old times. I ran to the location once school let out but was frozen in my tracks once I reached the top of the hill. People were everywhere and blood was dancing across the fresh snow that was falling. One man was holding Sen's body. Teal hair, dagger like eyes and a face of non care. I saw red at that point and ran towards the group. I didn't know they were units and I met a very heavy price. My uncontrollable power killed two but I was severely injured in the end which cost me my right eye.

All I remember was waking up in the hospital staring at a ceiling. Mother cursing at me from the left and people I have never seen before on my right. Everyone is so fucking loud all i wanted was the quiet. I had to recover in the hospital even during Sen's funeral. The family blamed me for his death and the feud started up again. This time on a much more serious note. I am not to come anywhere near Sen's gravesite nor within the proximity of their Territory Owner. I had no clue what that meant until I got out once mostly recovered. Apparently these rich bitches not only fund the academy that teamed with my mother to kill off Sen but they each own a section of the city. What the fuck.....To make matters worse I was placed under my mothers strict care as incarceration for 2 years. So I was forced to serve in the military until my 2 year "jail sentence" was completed. During that time I did personal studies about this Aristocratic structure and learned who owned what part of the city. Once I was set free I swear that was the best day of my life and the worst in my mother's history.

I made sure to make my mark on our territory before vanishing from my mother's radar. I had snuck back home and got a special tattoo on my back and arms done. I stayed to gather the last of my things along with Sen's and moved into my enemy's territory. By the time I came back which was a few years later I heard Ritsu was no more. But I had no intention of going back to the academy. My mind was set on taking the Aristocrats down first then my mother and saving the best for last: The death to that teal haired man who caused me to crack....Fucking Bloodhound. For now I will remain in the shadows until it is time for me to strike. I just have to keep my spams in check and not make myself too noticed. Shit who am I kidding? Burn baby burn~

These are optional fields. If there are other fields not listed below, you may add them.
Origin: Miyoshi, Tokushima (Shikoku, Japan)
Blood Type: Don't know. Don't Care. All you need to know is I can bleed.
Education: Military based. Generals were taught at an early age
Ethnicity: Japanese. What more do you want...
Languages: Japanese and Sadly English. Due to Military Affairs
Parents/Guardians/Elders: Masamune Family household
Physical/Spiritual Faults: Apparently from me being careless and losing my Sanity at the worst of times I have Battle scars all along my hips, back and midsection. I have small hands and wrists along with my right eye being useless.
Relatives: Masamune Family pretty much...
Siblings: Don't know. Never stayed home enough to find out
Likes: What is this a questionnaire??
Dislikes: Idiots
Past Career: I was working for the military of our government. Not like I had a choice at the time.
Other: Being a Blank for so long I have these...Spasms at the worst of times where I lose control and wreck everything in my path. Sort of a blood lust ordeal and won't stop until whatever it is becomes destroyed. Too far gone to be salvaged I am sure but I try to keep it in check. Then again......We all need a little bad to turn out pretty decent.
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Blank Fighter
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