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 Infinite Fighter

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PostSubject: Infinite Fighter   Mon Sep 09, 2013 5:41 am

"Imagine a silver cord, connecting two hearts; pulled tight as a bowstring, the tension hums between them like a living thing. Imagine then the hand of Fate, reaching out to pluck that cord. A clear, pure tone rings out, and the world stops on its axis for the space of a breath. Two hearts beat in sync, once unknown to one another, only now made intensely, irrevocably aware."

Name: Shimizu, Sumi
True Name: Infinite
Partner's Name: Iygari, Kyros
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Age: 22
Birth Date: September 5th
Grade: College Junior
Dreams: To meet her Sacrifice

Hair: Purple cut in a swing bob style with two long pieces framing her face
Eyes: Violet
Ears And Tail: Were the same shade of purple as her eyes
Height: 5'2
Build: Average, with a bit of muscle tone developed from walking all over campus to her classes
Name Location: On the back of her left ear, written on the shell

Sumi has a very optimistic outlook, and as such derives a great deal of pleasure from the small things in life. This particular trait was developed as a defensive mechanism for her teenage years, for she certainly had little to be happy about then. That said, she's quick to laugh and wears a smile more often not. At times she could be described as a hopeless romantic, often daydreaming about her future and who her Sacrifice will be. Though mostly she just enjoys taking life one day at a time, dealing with problems as they arise and not letting anything really get to her. Though despite coming off as warm and friendly, she is oddly closed off to others and doesn't like others get too close. Secretly its out of her fear of abandonment. Having never really had a father or mother figure, the only person she could rely on when she was younger disappeared without a trace. After that she felt completely and totally alone, but she has successfully been able to hide this from the outside world for years. That isn't to say she's unhappy, because she most certainly does feel happy. Just...lonely. Whenever that particular feeling becomes hard to bear she usually delves into the mountain of homework she more often than not has and as such has become quite a gifted student. Her teachers and classmates consider her to be dedicated, while Sumi sees it merely as an escape. She particularly enjoys math, finding a sort of peace whenever she's surrounded by numbers and equations. Numbers are absolute, Infinite.

"And in that moment, I swear we were Infinite."

Sumi was not born into a happy family. She never knew her mother, and her father may as well not even been there (and more often than not he wasn't). Like most though she doesn't remember too much from her actual childhood, just bits and pieces. Memories that left a lasting impression on her mostly. And out of those few memories, there are fewer still that she can look back on fondly. Namely those involving her brother (and her Totoro doll but we'll get to that later). The actual evens surrounding her birth are a mystery to her, her father certainly never talked about it and she never asked. What she does know is that when she was younger her brother was still around.

Sumi absolutely adored him. He actually paid attention to her. He cared whether she was sad or hurt. He was there for her. Even when she was acting like a brat (which was sadly quite often, most professionals would consider this a cry for attention...) she could count on her brother to stick around. Though usually he was making her behave and certainly didn't approve of the way she was acting. Eventually he became the only one who could calm her down from whatever tantrum she was throwing, a feat which still mystifies her to this day. One minute she was about to raise holy hell and the next she was completely fine all because of him.

Once such tantrum she remembers having was when she and her brother were at a carnival. It was a real treat for them to be out together, at least for her it was. To this day she hasn't been happier than she was that day. It truly was a great time for her, till it was time to leave. Sumi desperately didn't want to go, and practically drug her feet the whole way till they passed by one of those silly game stations. The ones with stuffed prizes ranging in size from a key chain to ones bigger than she was, but it was one particular toy that caught her eye. A teddy bear sized Mr. Totoro doll. From the instant she saw it she knew she had to have it. Thus began the mightiest of tantrums ever thrown. Her brother of course was less than impressed. Looking back, Sumi doesn't really know why her brother finally made a deal with her over the toy, but she is still grateful that he did. His offer? Promise to stop making a fuss and he would win her the doll. Instantly she was quite and a few minutes later she was contentedly holding her Totoro to her chest with a beaming smile.

Sadly that was the last happy memory she can remember from that time in her life. Sure she was content, she had her brother after all, but that day marked the end of something and the beginning of something else...

Around the time Sumi was eight years old, she distinctly remembers throwing a fit over something (she doesn't even remember what it was over now) and her brother of course wasn't happy. Though to be fair her brother had been upset even before her little stunt. It surely wasn't the best idea to grind on his already thin nerves that night, but hey she was only eight. All she really remember is that one second she was holding Totoro and the next the doll was in her brother's hands and she watched as he tore the head clean off her favorite toy. To say that she was horrified would be an understatement. That event scarred her. While the act brought her tantrum to an end, it also opened up a flood of silent tears and sobs. The tears weren't entirely for Totoro, they were also a product of the shame she felt. For once in her life she truly regretted upsetting her brother, and as he told her, acting like a child. Sumi went to bed that night morose and regretful.

She remembers the following morning much better, for moments after waking she realized she was snuggled up with Totoro in one piece. Someone had sewn the head back to its body. Elated she burst out of bed and scrambled through the house in her pjs to find her brother and show him what had occurred during the night. She never found him. He was gone. Her memories turn into a hazy fog after that. Though she was old enough by then to piece together what was going on around her. Her brother had disappeared and her father descended further into the personal hell he'd created for himself.

It wasn't until she was around ten that she discovered she discovered a word for what her father was: alcoholic. Sure he'd taken to the bottle before, but after her brother was gone it seemed like there was nothing holding him back anymore. Life was infinitely harder then. Suddenly warm meals and clean clothes were a thing of the past. Things she quickly learned she only got when she got them for herself. Sumi was forced to grow up or drown like her father. Thankfully those times were short lived, as it wasn't long till she found herself at a boarding school. Seven Moons. Back then Ritsu was headmaster and students were allowed to live on campus, a fact Sumi will forever be grateful for. Of course Sumi already knew about the Unit world before hand, her father was a Fighter and her brother had been a Sacrifice. But back then she got her schooling from the same people who taught her brother. Once her brother was gone though, then so were those people. She didn't really mind though, Seven Moons was nice. It was certainly better than being back home.

It was around the time she was twelve that she discovered what her true name was, and she wasn't even the one to discover it! It was actually her friend Yoko, who had been braiding her hair at the time when the other girl saw the black tattoo on the back of Sumi's left ear. It took two mirrors and careful maneuvering for Sumi to confirm that her name was indeed there. Infinite. The first time she saw it, the simple word brought chills to her body and filled her with nervous energy. This, she realized, was the first step to finding her other half. Like all the other girls in her year Sumi dreamed of the day she would meet her destined other half. With the appearance of her name she felt certain that meant they would come find her soon. They never did. Not once during her years at Seven Moons did she ever even feel a whisper of her Sacrifice's presence.

By the time she was eighteen and graduating she'd stopped waiting, not when all it did was leave her full of disappointment and worry. Instead she chose to just continue living her life as normal as possible, she wouldn't discover just how hard that would be until she returned home for the first time since leaving for Seven Moons. Her father was no better off than when she'd left, and if possible he was worse. It was as if the roles were reversed with her being the parent and he the child. Dreams of college and higher learning dissipated just as quickly as they'd arrived. Her only option to support herself and her father was to work. Finding decent work was a challenge all in itself, few were willing to higher someone without a college degree and even fewer were willing to hire someone with a diploma from a mysterious school that few people even knew about. But some how she managed to scrape by, bring in enough to pay the bills and keep food on the table, and she had to work hours on end to even accomplish that much. Life, Sumi found, was suddenly hard once again.

Shortly after her 19th birthday things suddenly, and irrevocably changed. She had just arrived home after a long night shift, and the house held an unusual stillness as if it were holding its breath. While nothing physically seemed out place, Sumi had still been on guard. Her instincts proved correct when she discovered her father lying crumpled on the floor (later after the shock had worn of she would remember seeing spiders crawling away from his body). At first she'd thought him dead, but a check check for a pulse proved otherwise. Sumi called 911 instantly, and it was through the quick action of the emergency services that her father arrived at the hospital before going into cardiac arrest. The doctors were able to stabilize him after hours of battling death, but at a cost. Her father had fallen into a coma.

After seven hours of pacing and worrying, Sumi finally returned to her home that night alone. What she found that time disturbed her almost as much as finding her father had. Laying carefully close to where her father's body had been was her Totoro doll. It was headless. The head was sitting in front of its body, almost as if Totoro himself had taken it off to use as a ball. Sumi immediately scooped both pieces up and in doing so caused something to pop out from inside Totoro's head. At the time though she completely ignored the crumpled folded piece of paper and instead scoured the house for her tiny sewing kit. Fifteen minutes and several crying spells later, Totoro was thankfully back in one piece. It was only then that she bothered to see what came out of the doll. Initially she figured it was some sort of manufacturers paper, but after reading the first few lines she discovered it was much, much more.

It was a letter from her brother, written the night before he disappeared. In it he described a secure bank account that he'd set in place for her and it carefully explained how she would be able to gain access to it. It would be another few days before Sumi actually gathered the courage to check out this mysterious bank account and when she did the amount inside literally floored her. While it wasn't a grand amount, it was more than enough to pay for her college tuition for four years with enough left over to take care of living expenses. Which is exactly what she used it for.

At 19 she enrolled in a local university, choosing classes that would ensure her an accounting degree (she settled on that considering she'd always been good in math and enjoyed working with numbers). Sumi threw herself into school then, determined to make something of herself and never end up in the same dark place her father had been in. Now, at the age of 22 she is a junior and that much closer to achieving her goal. Though to her extreme dissatisfaction she has still yet to come across her Sacrifice. She hasn't given up hope of finding them one day though, for to think that something might have happened to them is simply not option. She's certain they are out there, because surely she would feel it in her heart if it wasn't so.

For now though she is content to continue with school, and in general just try to live her life out as happily as she can.

"You gotta dance like there's nobody watching,
Love like you'll never be hurt,
Sing like there's nobody listening,
And live like it's Heaven on Earth."

These are optional fields. If there are other fields not listed below, you may add them.
Spouse: None
Origin: Tokyo, Japan
Race/Ethnicity: Japanese
Language: Japanese, English, a bit of Spanish
Blood Type: AB
Family: Father - Dyron Shimizu (comatose), Mother - Unknown (presumed dead), 'Half Brother' - Yuri Knatsu (missing, presumed dead)
Hobbies: Singing and dancing when she thinks no one is watching, solving puzzles, memorizing things
Likes: Sweet things (candy~ suckers are her weakness), eating breakfast for dinner, solving math equations, the smell of old books, watching scary movies, playing the piano, cats
Loves: Anything related to My Neighbor Mr. Totoro, her Totoro doll, her brother, finishing hard things, cuddling
Dislikes: when people chew too loud, pessimistic people, people who won't try new things, cooking
Loathes: writing English papers, sweaty people (just eww!)
Fears: Turning out like her father, failing
Strengths: Very determined, always looks on the bright side of things
Weaknesses: Candy!
Good qualities: Always friendly to people (at least until she discovers something she doesn't like about them)
Bad habits: Chewing her nails, staying up late and not getting enough sleep, eating out all the time
Turn ons: Cleanliness! Adventurous people, confidence
Turn offs: Sweaty/dirty people, pessimists, people ruled by their fears
1. Sumi has issues with letting people into her life, she feels abandoned by both her brother and her father and as such is scared to let someone get close to her. While she wasn't abused physically or emotionally by her father, she was neglected. During her childhood the only person to show her any sort of affection was her brother, and after he was gone there was no one. In order for growing children to develop happy and healthy they need positive human interaction, of which she received very little till she went to Seven Moons, but by then her feelings of inadequacy and abandonment had already taken root inside her soul.
2. Sumi owns a male Bengal Cat (which she bought with the left over money her brother left her) named Howl (after Howl from Howl's moving castle). He's full grown and very active. She enjoys taking him places with her (she has a special harness and leash so he doesn't run away, most of the time he stays perched on her shoulders though) and Felix loves the attention he gets from Sumi's friends and strangers alike.
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Infinite Fighter
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