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 Torment Fighter

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PostSubject: Torment Fighter   Wed Sep 08, 2010 5:05 pm

Full Name: Dmitry [Дмитрий] Kardinovsky
Nickname: Occasionally people call him Demy because it annoys him.
True Name: Torment
Partner's Name: Calidane Oneral
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Age: 24
Birth Date: 12/19/1987
Occupation/Grade: He has no real job, and most of the time uses his abilities as a Fighter to obtain whatever he needs. In the past he would woo older women and trick them into leaving him all their fortunes. Through the years he has obtained a hearty sum of money, more than enough to allow him to live the rest of his life out comfortably.
Dreams/Life Goals: Only to enjoy life, and possibly annoy his Sacrifice as much as he can.

Hair: Black, cut short.
Ears and Tail: Lost them a few years ago.
Eyes: Scarlett Red
Height: 6’0
Build: Thin with some muscle mass, he tries to stay fit and healthy.
Name location: Vertically down along his sternum.

A loose cannon who does what he wants when he wants too. He hates taking orders (which is why he is avoiding his Sacrifice) and loathes the idea of being practically a slave to someone else. He abuses his powers as a Fighter, often using them against regular humans to get the things he wants. (Sometimes he makes them do stupid things just to entertain himself.) Though at times he tests his luck by stealing items, and if does get caught he simply uses his power to get out of any real punishment.

He has absolutely no modesty and isn’t afraid of making a fool of himself, putting on a show, or outright fighting with someone in public. Demy suffers from a mild form of ADHD, and has trouble concentrating and staying still for prolonged periods of time (boredom is his worst enemy).

Surprisingly he does have his serious moments, especially whenever he engages in a spell battle, or whenever he’s trying to get information out of someone. He makes it his personal business to find out everything he can about a person be they Fighter or Sacrifice, (mostly so he can have the upper hand).

He has made it his personal goal to make the running of Seven Moons as difficult as possible, even going as far as to put his own life in danger. The rules they have set in place mean nothing to him, and is a rogue through and through.

Dmitry Kardinovsky was born to parents Milah and Nikolai Kardinovsky in 1987 in Moscow Russia. His parent’s relationship started out like the typical love story, a nice hard working boy meets a pretty loving girl. For the first few months of their relationship the two were simply inseparable, they went to dinner and movies (when they could afford it) with friends, and went on romantic outings to the country side. And though both came from poor families they were still very happy with each other deeply in love.

It didn’t come as a shock when after seven months of dating the two married, and a year later baby Dmitry was born. It was then that things started to go downhill. After giving birth, Milah developed a severe case of postpartum depression. For days at a time she would lay in bed, only getting up to go to the bathroom or get something to eat. Nikolai was left to work a full time job and take care of the baby, and eventually the stress of it all led him to start drinking. Eventually Nikolai’s drinking habits increased to the point where he was nearly always drunk, and ended up losing his job. Losing his job was the last straw for Nikolai; he took to beating his wife and berating her for never doing anything. And when Dmitry got older, the beatings extended to him.

If anything went wrong it was always Milah or Dmitry’s fault according to Nikolai and they had to be punished. For years the family lived like that, Milah and Dmitry doing their best to avoid the beatings and Nikolai drinking his life away. When Dmitry was five years old he experienced the worst beating in his life, his father was drunk beyond belief and first took out his rage on his son before turning his attention to his wife. Milah finally snapped at that time, her already weak mental state was destroyed, she was tired of being beaten and hated Nikolai. Fueled by years of pent up emotions she lashed out at the drunken Nikolai with a knife from the kitchen. Nikolai was too intoxicated to fight back, and died from the hundreds of stab wounds Milah inflicted upon him.

When police were contacted by neighbors who were tired of all the noise, they found a seemingly lifeless Milah standing over the body of her husband, and their five year old son bruised and beaten cowering in the corner having witnessed it all. Milah was immediately arrested for the murder, though the charges were later dropped and it was attributed to self defense. But she was deemed mentally unstable and institutionalized at the city psychiatric ward.

With no parents to take care of him Dmitry was sent to an orphanage. It was his own personal hell, and he hated it there, even more than he’d hated living with his parents. Well almost. At least at home he only had two people to worry about. But at the orphanage there were countless other children all eager to beat the shit out of him just for the hell of it. The elder children picked on him and mocked him for having a ‘crazy’ mother and a no good drunken father. They liked to pick out those painful facts and rub salt in the wounds, and when they couldn’t find out some juicy information they just made it up.

He’d found his own new personal source of Torment. At the orphanage he learned that the only way to survive was to be tougher than everyone else. You couldn’t trust ANYONE. They’d just end up stabbing you in the back later. Everyone was the enemy. Here, he picked up the dirty style of street fighting, which meant using whatever means necessary to win at all costs. Cheating was expected, playing dirty meant you avoided a black eye or a broken bone. It was simply a fact of life there.

He suffered there for eight years, till he turned thirteen and his true name appeared on his chest. At first he had no idea what it was, though he felt the word tattooed on him was oddly fitting. That didn’t stop him from trying to remove it at first. He tried scrubbing it raw with different kinds of soap and varying temperatures of water. In one particular instance he tried to shave it off with a razor blade he’d stolen from the janitor. After the first few bloody nicks on the T however, he gave up and accepted the damned thing.

It wasn’t until a few weeks later when a cunning woman named Viktoriya Petrov came into his life did he realize what he was and what the strange word meant.

Viktoriya was the head of Семь Лун, the Russian version of Seven Moons. She took Dmitry in under her wing and taught him all about what he was and what he was capable of doing, personally training him to become a vicious and ruthless Fighter. She didn’t do any of it out of love, and Dmitry knew it, but rather because of his true name, Torment. With a name as dark and vile as that Viktoriya wanted to use him as her attack dog. Having lost her own namesake Fighter, Viktoriya spent the rest of her days searching for another Fighter to fill that position. And it wasn’t until she learned of Dmitry’s true name did she finally think she might have found one close to matching her own name. So she trained him with all the resources she had available, all in hopes to preen and groom him into the perfect Fighter. She was so engrossed in her own selfish ideas and plots that she had no idea Dmitry was working with his own agenda. Even at the age of thirteen he was able to realize that she was just simply using him, and he let her. At least till he felt she had nothing left to offer him.

Dmitry went along with it for seven years, just long enough for him to learn all she had to teach him. After that he simply deserted, leaving his homeland of Russia for Japan where he’d heard there was a large amount of other Units lurking around. With so many different rings in one place it was the perfect spot to hide out.

For the last three years he’s picked up the language and slowly integrated himself with the culture, abandoning everything from his past but his name.

These are optional fields. If there are other fields not listed below, you may add them.

Race/Ethnicity: Russian
Language: Russian, Japanese, some English
Likes: knives, cats, annoying other people, cigarettes, lemons, gummy candy.
Dislikes: alcohol (really only excessive drinking), mushrooms, onions, shrimp, high pitched sounds, and anything grape flavored.
Other: Has several small scars all over his body from years of brawling and fighting.
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Torment Fighter
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