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 Cherished Fighter

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PostSubject: Cherished Fighter   Wed Nov 06, 2013 12:19 am

Full Name: Heaven Michelangelo Dupre
Nickname: Mike
True Name: Cherished
Partner's Name: Natsumi Umsunai [plot things ahead to reveal it]
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Age: 27
Birth Date: May 13
Occupation: Teacher (First Year Middle School at Kenshin Academy)
Sexuality: Heteroflexible

Hair: Short in back, long bangs. Dark brown in color
Eyes: Purple (used to be hidden by dark green contacts)
Height: 5'11"
Name Location: Upper right thigh on the outside
Ears and Tail: No


He's sensitive about his name, so he rarely gives it out. Heaven adores children, especially his students - even when they're getting in trouble! He doesn't tolerate bullying, and he'll defend anyone weaker than their opponent. His face is normally a sort of stern/serene expression, but he does frown and smile. He never raises his voice in anger, but once his fuse is lit, he becomes his own worst enemy.

He was born to an upper-middle class family on May 13. His parents were Michelle and Jean-luc Dupre, and he had a twin sister. One of the nurses wrapped him in the wrong colored blanket while his sister was taken away to be placed in intensive care. A kind of comedy of errors ensued, culminating in his grandmother naming the baby Heaven. It was recorded before it was caught; to make up for this misfortune, his parents gave him the name of a famous painter: Michelangelo.

He and his sister, Grace Esmerelda Dupre, were brought home in the following month. Complications arose with Grace, leaving him in the sole care of a nanny. He was brought up by this woman to be the perfect gentleman, as well as serene in the face of anything his family threw at him. They bonded, but it was never love. When he was three, she discovered a word on his right thigh, Cherished. His father was part of a unit, so Jean-luc sat down and explained it all to a very confused Heaven. Eventually, he was ripped from the nanny's arms, too, at the tender age of four - to begin his special education.

Heaven was placed in a boarding school, while his sister stayed home, her body too weak to travel. The young boy reveled in his short-lived freedom; he made friends, made perfect marks, learned (and practiced religiously) the violin, and was never caught acting out. He wanted to insure his continued freedom. Until the age of twelve, he was kept away from his family. He never missed them, nor contacted them aside from obligatory updates and holiday letters.

After his twelfth birthday was celebrated, and the school year ended, his parents summoned him home. They had decided it was time to refresh his memory of what he was, and the role they'd planned for him in this world. It was explained to him at great length the plans they had for him, and the path he had naught to do but follow blindly. He showed no signs of rebellion, but his heart was inflamed. In secret, he studied Japanese, his goal to teach middle school students in such a far away country that he'd be safe from his family's plots.

Heaven was a hard working student throughout his scholarly career, graduating valedictorian of his class. After the ceremony, he took time to talk to each of the students, encouraging them to follow their dreams. Eventually his own advice sunk in; Heaven chose to go to a college his parents didn't approve of, to learn how to accomplish his dream. They taught him, and he soaked it up like a sponge.

He earned his master's in five years, and moved to Japan without a word to his family. He took up the first teaching position that came up. He enjoys his time with the children, and he's thankful none of the mothers have tried to start a romantic relationship with him. He's never actively looked for his Sacrifice, and he has no intention of doing so now. The only company he wants is his violin, or the silence.

Unfortunately for him, events have conspired to place him as the head of his family. During his time in Japan, his sister, Grace, assisted in the complete takeover of the French Branch of Seven Moons, using their mother's aristocratic blood as a weapon as much as anything else she could. His father grew gravely ill and summoned Heaven home. He passed away quietly during their final meeting. Heaven's finally come back to the place he calls home, but he might not get the silence and peace he's sought.

These are optional fields. If there are other fields not listed below, you may add them.
Origin: France
Race/Ethnicity: French
Language: English, French, Japanese
Blood Type: A+
Weight/Body Structure/Physical Faults: 140, thin, but not to an extreme
Hobbies: playing his violin, meditating
Likes: Teaching, children in school, orange blossoms
Dislikes: His name. Cauliflower. Cherries.
Fears: rabbits
Strengths: hiding his emotions and pain behind the serene mask
Weaknesses: Natsumi and his students
Good qualities: patient, caring, he can multi-task
Bad habits: He has trouble communicating outside of the class room, and makes no attempt to fix it. He never meets any one's eyes, normally just stares at their nose when eye contact is required.
Turn ons: Ginger snaps, black stockings, bare feet
Turn offs: white underwear, pain
Other: his twin sister's True Name is Forbidden and she's associated with the Seven Moons branch in France.

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Cherished Fighter
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