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 Support Fighter for Yumeko Umizo

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PostSubject: Support Fighter for Yumeko Umizo   Mon Dec 09, 2013 4:05 pm

So I need a Fighter for my newest Sacrifice Yumeko Umizo. Now normally I'd be fine with even a randomly created character, but to go along with the plots and ideas I have for Yumeko I need a more specific character. To make this easiest I'll just run through all parts of the bio describing what parts need to be in there and the one's that are completely up to whomever decides to rp as him hopefully. ^_^

Full Name: This is completely up to whoever decides to rp him
Nicknames: Again up to the person
True Name: Originally I liked the name Cold, but I am willing to work with whatever ideas you come up with. But it must be a name that holds some sort of power.
Partner's Name: Yumeko, Umizo obviously
Gender: Male, I would just prefer it to be a male.
Marital Status: Single
Orientation: Straight
Age: Late teens, early twenties
Birth Date: Up to you
Occupation/Grade: Fully trained Umizo house Fighter
Dreams/Life Goals: Up to you

As for the appearance I would really like it if Yamamota Takeshi from Katekyo Hitman Reborn was used. As I really feel this look fits the personality of the character I would like.

Personality wise he is sure of himself, having gone through the years of training in the Umizo house. To get an idea of what that implies I really recommend reading Any questions about it can be directed to me (I'll just relay them to Yuri or Hayashi if I don't know the immediate answer, and they're the ones who created this). Also he won't be happy at all about having a 'child' as a Sacrifice, especially since there's a chance his real Sacrifice is somewhere else in the world. (In the end she turns out to be his real Sacrifice) In time he will grow fond/protective of her. But that will be a long time in the making.

History wise, he would have been sold to the Umizo's at a young age around the time he gets his true name. He was taken in because his name held potential that the Umizo family wanted. Anything before that is up to you. He would undergo standard training, and stay with the Umizo's during the entire time. Around the age of twenty he would essentially be given to Yumeko as her personal Fighter and body guard. Her true name would not have appeared yet, and at the time she would be considered a blank. Later on in rps her true name will appear and it will be the same as his.

If anyone's interested just pm me and we can talk plots and stuff.

Thanks a lot~

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Support Fighter for Yumeko Umizo
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