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 Cataclysm Fighter

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PostSubject: Cataclysm Fighter   Tue Jan 25, 2011 8:41 pm

Name: Valshe T. Jenoiu
(He doesn't like his middle name so it is not spoken)
Nickname: Val, Vash, Vaughn, Vivi(Only by his Maid Samantha)
True Name: Cataclysm
Partner's Name: Don't have one for now
Gender: Male
Orientation: Bi-sexual but both genders tend to piss me off and/or rub me the wrong way..
Age: 22
Birthdate: July 16th
Occupation: Spa Owner, College Student, Chiropratic Student, Heir to the Jenoiu's
Dreams: Live my life without dictation.
Goals: Overthrow my old man, come to an agreement with Meiko on something..., Not have to marry people I don't know or don't like.

Hair: Purple of sorts and very unruly. It is everywhere and I sort of like it like that. Old man hates it so I keep it to annoy him. Won't grow it past my shoulders and any male that does should have been born a girl.
Ears and Tail: Lost those in my teens! *says with pride*
Eyes: Hmmm purple. Same as my hair and if I was an artist I would tell you what kind of purple. Since I am not deal with it.
Height: 5'9"
Build: Hmm I have a woman like frame almost but I have some muscle tone. Wish I had more but I am too thin for it.
Name Location: Down my Spinal Column. If I choose a blank man that shit is gonna hurt...

[To sum up most of his behavior I would have to say a spoiled, wealthy brat. Still has a lot of growing up to do and is downright annoying. Has a short fuse when it comes to a temper and still has his bouts of being an attention whore or spotlight fanatic. Hates a lot of things likes very few. Doesn't really have to much of a softer side but tends to play nice when the time calls for it. Acts a lot compared to showing true feelings. Only person he sees as a problem and his equal is Meiko. Hates having to play nice with family and Aristocrats who are snooty. Shifts through emotions on his own and tends to want to be alone majority of the time.]

Alright I am supposed to sit here and bore you with my life story so sit your ass down and enjoy. If you don't interrupt me we can both go home a lot faster. You already now my name by now so I will not have to worry about much formality. Anyways I was born right here in good old Kibō City, Japan. I am the son of a man by the name of Satoshi Kagamei Jenoiu and a woman I am only allowed to call mother. My old man Toshi, as everyone calls him, is part of this twisted society we call the Unit World. My old man is no ordinary old man at all. He is one of Japan's greatest Doctors and one who has done something no man should do to an unborn child. I think I need to rewind a bit here so here it goes...

My mother was infertile for a long time. This wasn't stopping my dad at all so he decided to operate on my mother to help her accomplish her dreams but like he told his business partner this can only be accomplished once. Why once? Well according to what my maid told me if women are infertile it is because of something they did in their past life which makes them barren in this one. If we tamper with the trials of fate we fuck it up for everyone else. So come to find out my father, along with many other surgeons from around the world, got together and created this tonic that will enable a woman to conceive. Injections were taken monthly and she was taking oral medications as well. For a year she could not conceive but after much trial and error she finally became pregnant. Now my dad didn't lose hope but he was starting to believe the operation was a partial failure at this point until the announcement. Anyways after the announcement about me my dad ran these weekly tests on mother and I constantly. Even to this day I am no where close to getting those lab journals...So after 8 and a half long months I finally arrived and there was much celebration going about since I am the Heir to the Jenoiu family. A healthy male with unusual coloring of the hair and eyes. My ears matched them with white tips and my tail had 3 black strips on it near the tip. Being born in this Aristocratic Household my birth was filled with gifts and spoils which no other could rival since I am the first born. But much like my father precieved my mother could not bare another child but her eggs were healthy so he used the eggs and froze them.

Anyways the celebration lasted for a month I am guessing since my baby book has so much pictures here. I do know I was given 2 maids, 1 butler, 4 guardians, 6 teachers, 2 houses, 3 cars, 4 horses, and a plot of land from my aunt and uncle. So needless to say my parents prepared for me before I was even born. Growing up I can't say I was anything but spoiled and I loved every moment of it. I can always escape my guardians and my maids? Well let's just say I ran around and caused them some trouble too. I am an only child so what would you expect? Growing up wasn't really easy since I mainly saw the backside of my father and my mother on occassion after I was weened. Probably the major downfall of being an Aristocrat is that the world needs you more than your own child. Now like all kids learning is everything and my professors were strict on me like many. Had to study this had to do that. Eat this way, Socialize like that, Proper ettiqutte this and manliness that. You are to become a doctor of this and an assistant of that. All boring stuff might I add and something all Aristocrats go through even if the methods are different. Well needless to say by the time I was 10 I was taught the basics and after I was taught advanced and the Jenoiu Family Specialty.

(Walking near the mountains on vacation)

Now as far as the unit part goes my family has a very unique trend for fighters. We are seen as powerhouses who build fighters to be greater than their intention. Well I was also one of those built intentions. By 6 or 7 one of the maids was giving me a bath. I had a very important Ball Event, held by one of the other houses, to tend to with my Father, Mother, a few selected Cousins and my Uncle. But this particular bath was different and one my Maid Samantha still teases me over. My name had appeared while she was washing my back. Gothic like lettering with a hint of royal design spelled my name down the spinal column of my back. Hard to believe this name doesn't have the -less which is much more commonly seen. mis- and a few other like names are fewer than the -less but my name has none of these things. I have what they call a pure type. Not sure what it represents but all I know is my name is not to be spoken at all unless in a battle. Devastation will follow I will assure you. Since it is on my back and I can't see it my maid thought a prank would be funny to play since I was the child of terror growing up. Fortunately my parents were home so when Samantha freaked me out I was out of that tub running naked on marble floors right into my old man and mother. The old man thought it was hilarious and my mother said not a word as she picked me up and carried me back into the bathroom. Now that I think about it I still haven't gotten Samanha back for such things...Will have to write that on my blacklist. Anyways when my name appeared that is when lessons of the unit world and my placement in it started.

Yeah so I jump around deal with it you are still getting the story and all that shit. But to get back on track here around the same time a bit after my name my father brought this girl over to the house. She was my sister and I was to share the spotlight with her because she was special. Now I don't care for siblings but when I have to share? Yeah that just isn't going to fly with me. I have never seen this girl before in my life and now I have to share? Old man is Senile. What makes this situation worse is that me, being a full attention whore and damn proud of it, was being cast aside for this young bratty kid I just met. She get stuff? I break it. She goes places I haven't been to yet? I destroy more than they can repair. Oh yes I am that snotty brat that wanted it all and nothing else. But let's just say my attention grabbing was going unnoticed. So I did the unthinkable...I took my ears.

Yes that's right the symbols of purity and innocence for kids and the meaning of no one wants you because your fat, hideous, or just plain out boring as an adult. Yes those ears! It wasn't hard to do really since I was known as Prince in my Elementary School for rich kids. Girls would follow me everywhere if they weren't in their Pretty boy clubs looking for boys to meet their strange tastes. I just happened to take a girl, date her for a while and lost my ears to her. But she wasn't the only one I ventured into the sex life with. I had done this with plenty of men and women and I loved it till I got bored and my life sort of...stilled I guess you could say. Meiko came back from her schooling out of the country. And I was being scolded by dad and the other Elders of the Jenoiu house for commiting such lude acts and degrating the Jenoiu name for being careless. I was shown 4 women who were to be my potential wives and that I was to stop these acts at once otherwise something else would be in order for me and I wouldn't like to lose the life I have. So, needless to say, I followed orders for a time and took my frustations out on the earred Meiko but one night was in complete disaster and I tasted my first loss to the burnette. Wherever the fuck she went I demanded to go but my father rejected as did my elders. I was infuriated and one thing led to another which led to me breaking part of the mansion which they had to rebuild.

Instead of just throwing me out I fought against my old man and the fight was bloody. Too bloody for my take but one thing we had no idea would happen was my mother stepping inbetween the fight screaming stop. The only words I have ever heard her speak in my entire life before my fathers earthen attack claimed her life. He couldn't stop it in time and ended up killing her. At that point I had lost all air in my body and I couldn't breathe despite the downpouring rain and thunderstorming we were in. I sat there for a while before I pounded at the earth yelling and screaming about what had happened but before I knew it I had caused a minor earthquake and 2 aftershocks. Of course on the news they reported the quake started around my home damaging it and calling my mothers death a fatality of natural causes. The dreams still haunt me at night and her voice rings through my ears as clear as a bell. In that rain I had walked to my Uncles where I stayed until I graduated Highschool and started college. My Uncle raised me the way he said I should have been raised and despite what happened to his sister he felt this would undo all the damage the Jenoius' had done to him and his family. Needless to say Meiko didn't stick around either mostly because I had to go back from time to time to take care fo Jenoiu business.

("I would rather drown in my own nightmares than submit to you.")

We still see each other but the fighting has been on a different level. Argument's mostly and we don't go into spell battles. Hosnetly I don't trust her and feel she will try some other underhand tactic to win. But Meiko has proven to be useful at times. She sneaks around the house and discovers things my old man has stashed away in secret but most of his paperwork is in a secret space in the labs which I can't even access. I need to get there and for now she is my only ticket into getting there. So I have to play nice and see if she follows through with the marrige proposals my old man set her up for. For now I remain on my own living near my Spa I created, thanks to my Uncle for helping, and playing the Aristocratic son my old man wants me to be. For now I respect and love family even though my old man and I will not see eye to eye. To the world we are perfect but in our world it is nothing but utter chaos. Welcome to the big bucks kids. Becareful for what you wish for otherwise you will regret it later.  

These are optional fields. If there are other fields not listed below, you may add them.
Spouse: Has 4 arranged marriages
Origin: Kibō City
Ethnicity: Japanese
Languages: Japanese, Korean and English. Currently learning Mandarin
Blood Type: O+
Physical Fault: Having a feminine like frame
Family: The Jenoiu's
Career: Spa Owner and Chiropractor
Hobby: Continue his study in Reflexology, Accupunture and Natural Healing.
Likes: Having his way and getting what he wants.
Loves: A good debate and being the center of attention.
Dislikes: The opposite of his Loves and Likes.
Loathes: Males with long hair and annoying, bubbly people. (Kids are an exception)
Strength: Knowledge of the human body.
Turn on and Off: get to know me and I may answer that question
Other: I own Lily Spa
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Cataclysm Fighter
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