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 Boundless Fighter

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PostSubject: Boundless Fighter    Thu Sep 09, 2010 1:35 am

Name: Zealos Kajira
Nickname: Zeal or Skydragon (due to the tattoo I have)
True Name: Boundless
Partner's Name: I don't have one for now.
Gender: Male. Don't let the waist long hair fool you.
Orientation: Bi-sexual
Age: 26
Birthdate: April 11th
Occupation: Unit Fighter Instructor
Dreams: Find my mother Alive.
Goals: Defeat Masa. Take down Leilani's family and remove them from the Aristocrats of Hawai'i

Hair: Called Seafoam or light teal whichever you fancy. Only comes to my waist if I choose to grow it out. Other than that mid back length or so. Only cut it super short if I have to repent on something.
Ears and Tail: Not going to get into detail about it but lost them when I was taken from my family and placed in Leilani's house.
Eyes: Cat like from my mother and this light green from my father.
Height: 6'0"
Build: Lean but chiseled
Name Location: Around the base of my neck.

[Very observant, loyal and a gentleman all wrapped in one. Has a sweet nature but can be down right scary if you harm someone close to him. Tends to shut people out and not talk when depressed. Will have very angry bouts when he has too much pent up frustration. Always feels he needs to keep in shape so he has a work out plan. He does go through phases of trauma due to his childhood. At time his heart will stop and restart. This does cut into his normal life span. Has a passion for music and the arts so he will attend the festivities. Loves to club and have fun so at night he is usually never home unless he is tired.]

I was born on the Hawai'ian Islands. One very popular site known as Waikīkī. My mother is Amani Kajira who was a nature reserve and caretaker to our Oceanic Life. My Father was Zeypher Kajira who was a military man and craftsman when he was on the reserves list. How they met I never got a chance to ask but from what my Grandmother Kaiko told me they were inseparable. Grandmother Kaiko took good care of me when my parents couldn't do so. Living right by the beach to me was always an adventure my mother and my father took the time to ensure I loved every ounce of it. When I was 3 they told me stories about Grandpa and how the area we live in he fought for and died to protect. I think this is why dad was in the military actually. But I am sure you are wondering about the point of how I got here to this moment.

Well I was having my 5th birthday with some of the neighborhood kids right here on the beach in front of my mom's house. Instead of it being a joyous day like my parents had planned it became a nightmare. I recall some guy in this dark blue uniform coming to the house and told my dad he was being called in on his day off. Mom and Grammy Koko were shooing us into the house as the man in blue argued with my dad outside on the patio. Because of my Grammy's quick actions I don't know what had happened but mom went outside to check on my dad who needed medical attention. I remember seeing words across his chest but at the time I never knew what they meant. Grammy kept us in the house as the paramedics came and took my dad to the hospital. It was months before he was released and 2 weeks before he was sent off due to disobeying orders from his house.

He kissed my forehead and said "Be tough" and from then on I have never seen him again. During that night I was taken away from my family as a repentance token and they injured my mother and Grammy. As a child I cried for hours but that all changed when I met the woman in charge of this Family Household. Her name was Leilani and a bitch might I add. She was the Leader of the house who removed my dad from his military position and her husband was the one who injured dad on my birthday. She ruled with an Iron Fist and a tongue as sharp as a rough cut Diamond. I was slapped and pushed beyond my limit to train in this "Special Program" She always told me about. I couldn't see my family because my dad messed it up for me. She implied that my mother was dead and so was my Grammy and that no one wanted me and all that hoorah. She was down right evil if you ask me. Either way as a child my happy childhood ceased and my painful years began.

I was born into this Unit world as a fighter and one she felt needed to be trained better than my father who was a commander before she removed him from not following her House Orders. Day in and day out she was training me with 5 other males and 6 other females. We became friends and tried to help each other escape but under her hawk eyes we could go no where. It was madness I tell you. My name didn't show up until I was about 12. I was unsure if I should have been happy or sad and at the time she was placing us fighters against each other to test and see who was the strongest. By this time I had found out through friends from the beach I grew up with told me my Grammy had passed away due to illness the doctors claimed were untreatable and my mother was no where to be found. I was beyond pissed and deeply depressed at the news but all my sneaking around got me into trouble that day. I was severely punished and nearly died if it wasn't for a guard who had sympathy towards me.

My sacrifice, who shared the name at the time but wasn't it, I found 2 years later when I was forced to go to school again and this time through a Units school system. We had an 8th period which was our Unit training course. Somehow most of the campus didn't know about this extra course and yet it broke people down on their positions and their jobs. I liked it here rather than at Leilani's house where it was a training camp from hell. My sacrifice wasn't too keen upon me being under this woman's House name but I told her I had no choice. I was born under it. When Summer came I was going through my rebellious state and hated everything about the woman. She ordered me to bring my sacrifice there so I did and she forced us into a battle. May I add this woman held nothing back and my defeat left such a bad taste in my mouth I literally spat out blood. She was that powerful when I was young. And my sacrifice? Well I wasn't the fighter I should have been to prevent such bindings to occur. She made my sacrifice so mentally unstable she was placed in an asylum by her parents. When that happens they forceable break the bond and those things are very damaging. Even to this day I have bouts of server pain and nightmares from it. At times my heart would fail and I had to be in the hospital to recover.

After that she found me unruly and decided to send me over seas when I turned 18 because she felt I would learn manners at a place worse than here. So Japan was my next stop the following school year. Here I was admitted during the reign of Ritsu and I thought things just couldn't get worse. He had an interest in intricate and delicate things so I wasn't bothered by him. The problem lied in the fact that we were taught at a level most consider suicidal. If you weren't tough enough then you would die. Summer I would have to fly home and the Winters I stayed with my other family caretakers. One winter however the family name I was under I was ordered to go an investigate a situation that had developed within our turf. So like the obedient boy I was trained to be I went out to see to this tiff that was located in an old temple where I did many of my physical practices. The scene was already done by the Bloodhounds at the time. I was just sent in to check and make sure the job was completed. That was the first time I met him....The one eyed Dragon Masamune.

First time out of Hawai'i it was snowing in Japan

What I didn't know was the man the Bloodhounds were ordered to remove was Masa's lover. But he wasn't part of the unit world and he was sharing this information with him. Apparently under the rule book we aren't supposed to share this information at all. You can marry outside of he Unit world and such but when it came to sharing techniques and trying to teach someone that was against the law penalized by death. As soon as I set the body down to confirm he was dead some of the blood got onto my clothes and Masa saw me with it. He tried to attack me with a ice shard he formed but the Bloodhounds stopped his attack before it even left his mouth. I was ordered to return home and that they would place me in the report as the confirmation.

That day still clouds my mind but it wasn't bothersome until Masa showed up again when I was back in school. It was my Senior year and we were going to the Amusement Park to have some fun. At the time I was working with some of my Island friends who traveled over to Japan and started a Host club called Midnight Bliss. I went until it was time for my shift at the Host Club and wouldn't you know it this man was back again. But this time with an actual weapon. We were getting ready to ride one of the coasters known as the 7 loops of Hell when Masa showed up. He literally tried to attack me but failed as I used a powerful wind attack then punched him. Our spells ceased but our fists didn't. I was banned from the Amusement park for a month from then and Ritsu? Lets just say he found out and training was worse than when I started. Even after graduating I had to work off another month of punishment at the Academy to redeem the Unit worlds conduct.

After my month I was finished with everything. Leilani found some new blood to torment and left me be after she found out I graduated. She told me when she calls for me I have no choice but to come back. I sneered as I never intended to do such a thing. I moved out of my caretakers home and lef them a large sum of Yen thanking them for taking care of me during my school days. I bought a home in the Park area since it was cheap and easier to renovate on my own time. I still worked at the Host club but became full time and loved it. I never knew this was going to change my life a few years later.

First good sleep I have had in a while. No Nightmares

3 individuals walked into the Club. One for sure we knew because he was here often requesting most of us and I was the late night enjoyment. He called me from time to time. But he brought a woman who said damn near nothing at all and another male. Kenneth used to tease us about the other males height since he was short. But for some reason when I got in I was booked and I never recalled having that day booked. I had plenty of female guests but to be booked for 3 hours with 3 people was sort of odd. Slven was the normal male around here but he introduced me to the short blondie named Yuri and his "sister" Shivanai. That day was a discussion and business proposal which had piqued my interest. Yuri told me all about the Academy and the changes it went through. So I told him if it pays well I don't mind joining him. Course after business was done I was to keep Slven company. He shooed the other two away and said he needed alone time without the kids. I just gave an annoyed face to his comment but let it be.

About 2 weeks after this proposal Masa was around the area causing havoc yet again. He was literally drowning people and destroying things. The Wate family, whom I live and serve under now, told me I had to leave for a while so the police could do a park investigation. Masa had killed 12 people that night and to believe I was almost on of the numbers if I didn't know an air attack that blew him into a tree. I didn't have a place to stay for the time being so after being treated for my minor injuries I stayed at the Bliss until Slven found out about it and offered me to stay with him until I was cleared to return home. I will have to say that was a very interesting visitation which had me in th middle of everything. Shivani cooked and cleaned all the time and she would look at me funny when I did some of the cleaning and cooking.

But when I was able to move back in at home and ensure Suru, my white kitty, was alright since she had 2 weeks to live on her own in the park. I went back to my daily routine. When the school semester started I was told I would teach the Fighters some basics and work with the Advance courses. Now at the time I had no clue how to teach but meh they learned something is all I can say. When summer break was starting I had caught word about my father being in Greece so I had flew out there to finally meet and see him. He was running from Leilani who also heard about him being here. Sadly but thankfully my dad had passed on before she got there. He had internal bleeding from a previous fight he was in right before I got to him. Trust me I wanted to save him but he said leave it. He was tired of running ad tired of living the life he was born under. Told me to do better and before Leilani and her group got there he died. She was determined to take me back with her but I told her I was sworn to another house and her laws were obsolete. She hated that and stated she would return since we were in a no fight zone.

When you lose everything it is hard to gain them back

I flew back and was depressed for about 3 months. I didn't talk much except for when I was on the job as a Host. But I made that summer my retirement. Since hen I haven't worked in the club scene but I still mingle as part of it. I haven't heard from my mother but I hope she is well and to this day I still work at the academy. I serve under the Wates whom I have grown to fondly respect and appreciate. If they need me I will be there for them. I may not work there at the Bliss anymore but Slven still comes around and Yuri? Well the two argue like an old married couple fighting over me... Shivani comes once in a while to clean and cook although I did most of it. Leilani is still on my tail and Masa still plots revenge but I learned it wasn't just against me. He has a thing against the Aristocrats and the Bloodhounds, which I am part of now. No Sacrifice to bare my name and no kids. I am very careful during my flings. So yeah my life in a nutshell from my early memories to now. Not sure what the future holds for me this year but together we shall see. So Aloha until then~

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Relationship: In a complicated one
Race: Polynesian and Samoan
Language: Hawaiian, English, Japanese, Greek, Italian, French,
Likes: Beach Hangouts, Clubbing, Reading and cheese puffs
Loves: Movies, chocolate covered fruit, staying in shape, Napping outside.
Dislikes: a messy house, cat litter, folding laundry
Loathes: miscommunication, misunderstanding
Other: Has a Yakuza skydragon tattoo on his full back. Has a Cat named Suru. He rescued her when he first moved here and the Caretakers let him keep her. Is under the Wate Family name due to living in their territory. Has a small affiliation with the Yakuza. At a time he had his ears and belly button pierced but he would have to get everything re-pierced.
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Boundless Fighter
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